Why use Bookmark to Desktop?

If you find yourself regularly reading pages on your phone you want to save for later to read them on your desktop then this application may be something for you!

With Bookmark to Desktop you can send links you find interesting to your desktop browser. After a link is sent with the app, it will shortly show up in the bookmarks folder of your desktop browser.

An introduction video

How do I start?

To install the application on your phone you can either search the Android market for "Bookmark to Desktop" or scan/click the following QR-code.

You can install the browser extensions by clicking on your preferred browser in the next paragraph.

Which browsers are supported?

Currently browser extensions have been written for Google Chrome/Chromium and Mozilla Firefox. Support for other browsers is coming in the future.

If you are a developer and would like to help in writing an extension for another browser please check out the source of the current Chrome extension on Github and contact me on twitter @vbsteven.